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Clutch & Powertrain specializes in building, repairing, balancing, and selling Driveshafts to fit any application. We have state of the art equipment that is specially designed to build and balance driveshafts. 


We stock the largest selection of U-joints on the Gulf Coast and we can repair your driveline no matter how big or small the job is.

We take pride in our work and stake our reputation on the quality of our parts and service. That is why we only stock OEM brands of driveline components. You can be assured your driveshaft will always be built to exact factory specifications, or to the length and style you need. To the left is a list of some of the trusted name brands we stock. 


Whether you are looking for light Automotive, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, Industrial, Racing or any specialty Driveshaft, Clutch & Powertrain has the right driveshaft for your job.

Driveshaft Parts

We carry a large selection of dirveshaft parts.
Call and talk to one of our driveline specialist for
all your driveshaft needs.

If you would like to send a email for building a drivshaft, please fill out info below.

Please make sure you have the correct measurements and series of u-joints.

Below is a basic drawing of measuring a one piece driveshaft.

There are many styles of driveshafts, so If you have any Questions, please call...1-251-433-3696

Thanks! Message sent.

Power Take Off's
Brake Bands
Watch our
call us toll free:   800-239-2191
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