Light Duty Diffentrials

Have a noise in your differential? Bring it to Clutch and Powertrain,
and let one of our Professional Technicians find, and fix the problem. 
We can fix or replace most differentials on the road. Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota we can fix it.
We use the best parts in the industry to make sure you are completely satisfide. You can trust Clutch and Powertrain to
We Stock the best parts for your differential. Motive Gear, American Axle, DT Components, Richmond and many more.
Ring and Pinions, complete bearing kits, posi track, and timkin bearings and seals. 
We have some of the best technicians to diagnose and repair your differential. Also, might be able to get you back on the road within a 24 hour time frame.
Come in and talk with our specialist to give you a quote and time to fix your car or truck. 

Heavy Duty Differentials

At Clutch and Powertrain We also fix Heavy Duty Differentials. Spicer, Eaton, Rockwell and others. We can get the parts to get you back on the road quickly. Most cases can order a rebuilt exchanged unit and get you rolling faster. Call our experts to get a quote.

call us toll free:   800-239-2191

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